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Watching & Listening, Cleaning, Model night ~ one-to-one tuition, Shampooing, assisting stylists with hands-on help.

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You may like to discuss the role with your parents.

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Considering a career in hairdressing? Do you think it’s an easy option?

Lets start at the beginning…

To become a good stylist requires dedication and long hours of hard work but at the end of it you will have a CAREER. A career in hairdressing is demanding both physically and emotionally, but it is also very rewarding.

As a good hairdresser you have the power to transform a persons hair, and in doing so have a positive effect on their self-esteem. You can make your client feel great.

A good salon wants to promote an image. You are part of that image.

Hairdressing is about style and fashion, both of which you need to have a passion for. When a potential client looks through the window they want to see smart stylish staff. Looking good every day is essential, paying particular attention to your hair. You are an advertisement for YoYo. Whilst you are employed by us you will only have your hair cut, coloured and styled by us, and we hope that you will love it.

Hairdressing is not just about hair; it ’s about human contact.

Watching & Listening
Most of your day will be spent be spent standing up, watching and listening, good practice for the future. Out on the shop floor you will stand relatively close to the stylist where you will watch and listen and be on hand to help.

You’re like a sponge, soaking up all this knowledge for your future career…

Watching: Watching a haircut, colour or blow dry, again and again you will learn basic techniques. Watching the stylists cope with pressure you will learn invaluable skills for the future. You will be required to offer hands on help as necessary such as holding hair sections, and passing tools which will enable you to get a closer look at what’s being done.

Listening: Listening to the consultations you will learn how to communicate with all sorts of people. Communication with clients is an essential part of this job and must be learnt in order that you can understand what your client wants. Over the years a good hairdresser will cultivate the vital skill of being able to connect with any person on any level.

You will need the ability to adapt not only your conversation but also your personality.

Model Night
Model night should be the most exciting part of your working week. All the hours of watching and listening can be put into practice. Model night begins when the working day is over. We will work with you on clients that know you are an apprentice and you will receive one to one tuition from the stylists.

To learn successfully you will need a positive attitude, a great deal of patience and be open to constructive criticism. Be mindful of the fact it will take lots of practice to become a good hairdresser. Remember that Brighton, as with every town is full of many salons and we strive to be better than the rest. We aim to guarantee the clients return and to create at atmosphere in which both you and they enjoy. Model night can last up to 3 hours but is essential if you are to become a successful stylist.

Dedication will ensure your future success.

Apprentices help to keep the salon clean and tidy and this is an essential part of the day to day running of the salon. Cleaning involves more than just sweeping the floor, although there is a lot of this to do as well. - Brushes and combs must be cleaned daily and in between clients. - Towels must be washed and dryed; all clients will use two if not four towels and one gown per session, depending on their treatment. - Salons use lots of tints and wraps that all need washing and drying throughout the day. Although quite routine we hope that you can find some enjoyment in the regular cleaning tasks which must also be executed to the best of your ability and as quickly as possible. Hairdressing is dependant on tight time schedules, appointments and client turnaround so utilising time effectively is crucial. When we are busy be prepared to run around… two clients an hour; wash up, do the towels, shampoo a client, sweep the floor, coats to take and hang up, gowns to be given, tea and coffee to be made, mirrors and surfaces to clean, and a smile on your face too!

Shampooing is a very important and essential task of the new apprentice. When carried out correctly it is a pleasurable experience that will both relax and potentially impress your client. You will be taught a good shampooing and massage technique, which after time you, can practise on the client. If having read this you still think you want a career in hairdressing then please get in touch.

Pip & Sandra: 01273 208030

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